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Recently, when we posted this image on Facebook, we reached over 770,000 people. We can reach millions a week now through various forms of social media. However, we need to reach billions to shift the market place around the world to organic and protect our children, the future of the human race.

See our blog and "Childhood Crisis of America" here.

We know that within us lies the power to accomplish almost anything, and together we are stronger.

This is why today we reach out to ask you...could you support us....who do you know...who knows a millionaire or billionaire?

I know it may seem uncouth to ask...but ask we must.

For four years we have had no full time paid staff.  I, myself and many others choose to work 8, 10 or 13 hours a day because we are compelled, driven, passionate...a few consultants who work part time for minimal pay, and we have had many volunteers come and go, get sick, have babies, move the support for Moms Across America is passionate but sporadic.  It has also not been sustainable or as effective as we could be.

We were fortunate in that during the first three years of MAA my husband was able to support our family with his IT job of 14 years at a health care company and I was able to volunteer. Things have changed however, he lost his position just after we put billboards up outside of Monsanto last January. Coincidentally one of his company's customers  (in a different division) was Monsanto. Whether those two things are related is unknown...all it means now is that my work with Moms Across America must be sustainable. I am delighted that my husband has started a consulting business for organic companies called but we currently we cannot depend on a steady income like we did before.

This year many of our previous sponsors are not donating to our cause, they are instead supporting young farmers because the supply of organic food is so scarce. We understand this and greatly appreciate their commitment.

It is necessary that our work, our focus on the moms who buy 85% of the food, continues however because without the moms switching to organic, we cannot change the food supply; food manufacturers won't change ingredients and farmers won't plant non GMO and organic. We must keep going and find other sources of support.

We think the people who are most affected, people who love children with health issues, are the people who have the most commitment to make a difference. We are asking you to think of people with means who may have a child or loved ones with health issues. Like you and I, they will understand the urgency of the matter.

We are out to raise awareness about GMOs and toxins, support leadership, and create healthy communities!

Together we can transform the food supply and the future of the planet.

This is imperative.

Just last week, the USDA cancelled their study into whether or not QR codes for GMO labeling will be used by consumers, due to industry pressure.

The EPA also caved to industry pressure to not hold a 4 day panel inquiry Oct 18 regarding whether glyphosate is  carcinogenic or not.

This morning I received notice that two more GMO potato varieties were approved.

Everyday my inbox is flooded with Pro GMO propaganda and claims that Roundup is safe.

The fact is that GMO chemical farming is contaminating our food, water, breast milk, vaccines and more. It must stop.

The proponents of chemical farming are merging, investing more and more in marketing and in new ways to poison the planet.

We need help.

Many other organizations in our cause that we work with have budgets in the tens of millions of dollars and their staff are fairly paid.

We think our work has been of great contribution to the cause and our nation as well, and also warrants funding. It is time for us to have full time, fairly paid staff on the East, Mid West, and West coasts, an paid position for myself, the director, and a local assistant. We are looking to raise $300,000 which also supports materials, utilities, travel, and legal. If we were able to raise $500,000 we could also give money to community projects, do video and PSA projects, have a Moms Across America conference and expand our Mother Across The World coalition.

A consistent team and staff members in each region is crucial, as we are a grassroots organization which supports over 400 leaders who have created over 750 events in all 50 states in the first three years- marching in parades, movie nights, speaker series, GMO free potlucks, and rallies. The current opportunities for expansion and outreach are far beyond the possibility for one or two people to be able to handle part time. Regional staff will support expansion, bring a sense of unity and accomplishment to their area, and can better address local issues. We do not have to pay for regional offices, our staff will work from home, and we will employ moms who have already been working hard in this cause.

So we ask you to think for a moment. Who do you know that knows someone, an uncle, aunt, CEO of a company, retired doctor, or celebrity that might seriously consider a large donation?

I believe that together, we have all we need. There are plenty of people with plenty of money who just need the right organization to donate to. We think we are that organization. There is nothing more important than our children and when we empower moms, we can do anything!

Please contact us today with a connection to individuals who might have a brief conversation with me about the importance of our work.


Thank you!

With Gratitude and Love,

Zen Honeycutt


Please send donations to :

Moms Across America
24000 Alicia Parkway #17-236
We are a 501c3 non profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible.

Moms Across America

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    Moms buy 85% of the food! If we want to transform the food system we need to reach the moms! Help us to empower moms.
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